vendredi 14 décembre 2012

**** Need your help ****

See English version below.....

Bon, je sais que je vous ai souvent demandé de partager notre radio et tout. Je vous remercie encore une fois pour votre support!!

J'ai reçu un peu plus tôt cette semaine un courriel de Radionomy, le site qui héberge la radio, qui demande
d'avoir 130h de moyenne d'heure d'écoute pour pouvoir continuer sans frais. Donc je demande encore une fois votre aide. Que ce soit pour nous aider à augmenter les nombres d'heures d'écoute ou tout simplement trouver un autre site pour héberger la radio. J'ai trouvé IRadeo, par contre il y a des frais. Si je vois le désire des gens à ce que le radio poursuive ses activités je pourrais peut-être me dirigé vers ce site ou un autre de la sorte!

Je vous remercie encore une fois de votre support et de partager à plus de monde possible notre site web, notre page facebook et notre radio.


Well, I know that I've often asked you to share our radio. Thank you again for your support!

I received earlier this week an email from Radionomy, the site that hosts the radio, which requires having 130h of average listening time to conti
nue without charge. So I ask your help again. Whether it's to help us increase the number of hours of listening or just find another site to host the radio. I found IRadeo but it's not free. If people show their interest in our radio and activities we'll find an another way to continue our radio.

Thank you again for your support and share with many people as possible our website, our facebook page and our radio.

lundi 10 décembre 2012

New Bands on El Proofio Radio : December 12th

Before It's Too Late - Revolution
Strike Twelve - Moonshine

The Kegels - No Tomorrow
Torches to Triggers - Doomsday in Douglasdale

Uncommonmenfrommars - Easy Cure

The Offenders - Lucky Enough to live

mercredi 14 novembre 2012

New bands on El Proofio Radio : November 15th

Nations Afire - The Ghosts We Will Beccome

Old Man Markley - Blood On My Hands

The Roughneck Riot - This Is Our Day

Street Dogs - GOP

The Mahones - Angles & Devils

The Shell Corporation - Time & Pressure

Swingin Utters - The Librarians Are Hiding Something

Off With Their Heads - In Desolation

dimanche 28 octobre 2012

New bands on El Proofio Radio : October 29th

Matt Skiba and the Sekrets - Babylon

Matt Skiba and the Sekrets : Website
To buy Babylon : Click here!

Act As One - The Goodtimes
Act As One : Website
To buy The Goodtimes: Click here!

Carousel Kings - A Slice of Heaven
Carousel Kings: Website
To buy A Slice of Heaven: Click here!

Cobra Skulls - Eagle Eyes
Cobra Skulls: Website
To buy Eagle Eyes: Click here!

The Bones - Monkeys with guns
The Bones: Website
To buy Monkeys with guns: Click here!

The Peacocks - Don't Ask
The Peacocks: Website
To buy Don't Ask: Click here!

Versus The World - Drink, Sing, Live, Love
Versus The World: Website
To buy Drink, Sing, Live, Love: Click here!

Dutch Nuggets

Dutch Nuggets: Website

mardi 16 octobre 2012

New bands on El Proofio Radio - October 17th

Hey! We are still adding some bands! Here's the 3 new albums you'll have the chance to hear on El Proofio Radio!!

Hey! Nous continuons d'ajouter de nouveaux bands!  Voici les 3 nouveaux albums que vous aurez la chance d'entendre sur nos ondes!

Hugo Mudie & Fred Jacques - Miracles

Hugo Mudie & Fred Jacques : Website
To Buy Miracles : Click Here!

Strike Anywhere - In Defiance of empty times

Strike Anywhere : Website
To Buy In Defiance of empty times : Click Here!

The Swellers - Running out of place to go

 The Swellers : Website
To Buy Running out of place to go : Click Here!

lundi 15 octobre 2012

New releases on El Proofio Radio 16/10

 Hey! We are adding two new bands on El Proofio Radio. You'll have the chance to hear them tomorrow morning!

Hey! Nous avons ajouté 2 nouveaux groupes! Vous aurez la chance de les entendre dès demain matin!

We Are The Union - You Can't Hide The Sun

The Insyderz - The Sinner's Songbook

mercredi 10 octobre 2012

More SKA bands!!

The Aquabats

Less than jake

Streetlight manifesto

Five Iron Frenzy

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


Planet Smashers

Rx Bandits

Victimes of Circumstance

Voodoo Glow Skulls


Tim Armstrong

The Know How

Howard Alias

Edna's Goldfish